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With a unique vision for elevating events, Raunak Entertainment is rapidly becoming the Midwest’s premiere event entertainment destination. Supplying top of the line sound, lighting, music, as well as professional artists, Raunak Entertainment goes above and beyond to provide clients with exceptional experiences. We’ve hand chosen the finest partners in sound, décor, event planning and much more, resulting in a fierce team who aims to offer only the best. With an unbeatable track record in service and production, Raunak Entertainment has provided years of dedicated service for events all over the world. Knowing that no two events are alike, Raunak Entertainment is blended and balanced with the best in the business; the most talented, up and coming artists, as well as professionals with years of experience under their belt.

Our Team

    As Chicago’s premier South Asian entertainer, DJ Aladdin has been igniting the party scene for more than 15 years. With his unmatchable turntable skills and phenomenal scratching abilities, DJ Aladdin has become a household name in the music industry. With his new and innovative music creations, DJ Aladdin keeps his crowd jumping every time, always chanting for more. As the years have progressed, Aladdin has attained one of the most accomplished resumes in the industry and he adds to his arsenal by becoming one of the nation’s leading producers. With a crown that undoubtedly fits and a mission to entertain, prepare yourself for the name that represents Chicago’s music…the Undisputed King, DJ Aladdin.
    Mixu Patel, known as DJ Mixu, is a unique artist who has brought two seemingly disparate worlds together: Bollywood and EDM. His distinctive taste in both Bollywood and EDM is flawlessly adapted in his mixing styles, known to make audiences’ ears perk up, while gaining feet on the dance floor. With this unique talent, he is a rising star of Chicago, where he first started out as a DJ. He has won many hearts and prides himself in memorable events, not just for his client, but for himself as well. His passion for music is inexplicable, but definitely understood through his approach, techniques, and modern style. If you’re ready to take the chance, he is ready to make you dance.
  • DJ RogerP
    As a rising local Chicago talent, DJ RogerP provides entertainment that maximizes your music experience. As any motivated DJ, his pet peeve is an empty dance floor. His superior skills on assessing any crowd have become a major asset to his career, as well as a non-stop performance filled event for his lucky guests. He has been spotted taking up residencies at some of Chicago’s hottest venues making DJ RogerP one of our most in demand, up and coming entertainers.

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